STUD Association

A list of associations, voluntary organizations, and groups working for the benefit of sexual minorities divided into these categories:

If you know about any organization missing from our list, feel free to let us know about it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll be happy to add it.




A group organizing events for gays up to 26 years of age during their coming out process.


Golfský proud Brno

A group of gays of all ages from Brno who like swimming.


Holky v Brně

A group of lesbiens in Brno.


Kafe na gauči

Coffee house for lesbiens in Brno.


Kluci na kole

A group of gays who go for regular bike trips.


Logos Brno

An ecumenical Christian association of homosexuals and their friends.


A Queer Film Festival organized in Brno and Prague.



Free law center for minorities. 


Pěšky atd.

An informal group organizing trips for LGBT and friends.


Stejná rodina

An association whose goal is to achieve legal equality between homosexual and heterosexual families.



An association of gays, lesbians, and friends, co-organizes Mezipatra Queer Film Festival, runs Queer Library etc.




An informal group of Czech gay bears and their friends.


Divadlo Bez zábran

Theater and variety shows.






An association organizing an eponymous cultural festival for women regardless of their sexual orientation.



A Prague gay and lesbian university association organizing regular events.



A gay and lesbian university club of the Students’ Union of ČVUT which organizes meetings, trips, and outdoor events.


Gay sport

A group of gays who play soccer, volleyball, and table tennis.



A students’ association of Charles University.


KČT Queer

A section of Czech Tourist Club associating queer community whose interest is tourism in Prague and its surroundings.


Logos Praha

An ecumenical Christian association of gays and lesbians.


M-klub Lambda Praha

An association of mostly elderly gays.


Medvědi Praha

A group of Prague beards.



A Queer Film Festival organized in Brno and Prague.


Prague Pride

An association supporting LGBT rights and organizing an annual pride festival.


Counselling for sexual minorities


Společnost pro queer paměť




Moravia and Silesia


A wide variety of social and educational activities aimed at fostering open and tolerant society.


Gay Valach

A group of friends occasionally organizing trips or meetings.


Kluci z Vysočiny

An informal group occasionally organizing activities and events.


Lesba Zlín

Occasional lectures and events.


Logos Ostrava


Moravskoslezští Medvědi 


sLez Grrls

A Moravian-Silesian community of lesbian girls and women.


Ušáčkův svět

An informal association of friends organizing trips, camping, etc.



Code 004

Operates information web page and organizes weekend events for gays and lesbians.


Jihočeská Lambda

Fun meetings where you can meet new people, and an information center.


Lipnice, Studenice a další


Logos Hradec Králové


Medvědi Plzeňědi-Plzeň/573670879331139


Pardubická lesba

Trips, serious discussions or chatting, and dancing together in LG club for girls who like girls.


Teplej Hradec Králové

This group is for everybody LGBTQI persons and their friends in Hradec Králové.





A web page full of information and articles about LGBT topics.


Ara Art

Online Counselling for roma gays and lesbiens.



A dating site.



Radio show.


Na kluky

A dating site.



Free law center for minorities. 


S barvou ven

Online counselling about all LGBT topics to which you can turn at with any questions or when you want to confide in someone.


HIV / AIDS help

Czech AIDS help society

Dům světla, Malého 4, 186 21 Praha 8 - Karlín

tel: 224 814 284, 224 810 345

fax: 224 810 345

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Free and anonymous testing for HIV each Monday from 16:00 to 19:00 and each Wednesday from 9:00 to 12:00.


AIDS helpline

800 800 980 (nonstop)


National AIDS prevention line

800 144 444 (MON-THU 13-18 h, FRI 13:00-16:00)