STUD Association

Our activities are meaningful. But our work could not have been done without your help. Join those who support the functioning of our association and decrease your tax base! 

It is a common phenomenon in many countries around the world that tens of thousands of people send some small financial contribution in support of non-profit organizations on a regular basis. There can be many reasons why they cannot participate actively in these organizations’ activities and so they decided to help them financially. That’s because they know this is the only way how these organizations can continue their important work. We too have our own Club of STUD’s friends – an entourage of people who support us.

The most effective method of support is donating a small amount regularly. You can set up a standing order from your bank account. This is the most suitable way as it allows for long term planning of our work.

Pay less in taxes

In the Czech Republic, natural persons (including employees) can decrease their tax base by the value of gifts if in the given taxable period (calendar year) their total amount is higher than 2 % of the tax base or if it is at least 1000 CZK. Tax base can be decreased in this manner by at most 10 %.

Self-employed persons (OSVČ) deduct this amount from their taxes directly on their tax return.

Employees who file their own tax returns can also apply this deduction there.

Employees whose tax returns are being processed by their employer submit once in a year the donation certificate to their payroll department. It has to be submitted by February at the latest. The decrease of the tax base will then be manifested in the form of a higher salary in March.

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the application form.
  2. After receiving your application we will contact you and send you your Club of STUD’s friends membership number.
  3. Then you set up a standing order from your account. Don’t forget to add your membership number as a variable symbol or payment description so that we know from whom we received the money.
  4. After receiving the first donation from you, we will send you a welcome package with contacts, a list of benefits for members, and materials related to our activities.
Bank account information (domestic payments)
  • account number: 153432736/0300 (ČSOB bank)

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